Sunday, June 26, 2016

31st ALL INDIA CONFERENCE OF NFPE- R3 held at Ahmedabad - a report

                   31st All India Conference of NFPE R3 was held Ahamedabad. After flag hoisting, conference was inaugurated by Com.AK. Padmamanabhan, President, Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU). The open session was presided by Com.SK.Bardhan, and addressed by Shri.Manuskh mandvia (State BJP secretary, Dr.Keyur parikh, CIMS hospital, Com.M.Krishnan, Secy.General, Confederation of Central Govt.Employees and workers. Com. CC.Pillai, Com.K.Ragavendran, Com.RN.Parashar, SG, NFPE. Com. Virgu battacharya, com. Seeta laxmi, com. P.Suresh, Com. Sita laxmi, com. Mohan, Com.Satyanarayana, Com. Barot attended and addressed the open session. More than 1000 delegates and visitors attended. Nearly 60 delegates participated in the Subject committee and detailed their problems. Young comrades, less than 10 years of service, participated in the discussion, appreciated and assured their participation in the struggles against the neo liberal policies pursued by central govt from 1991. Circle secretaries and CHQ office bearers addressed on the third day. Com.Giri Raj Singh summed up the discussion. Newly elected CHQ - President. Com. PV. Rajendran, Kerala. General Secretary - Com. Giri Raj Singh, Delhi. Working class zindabad! Workers unity zindabad!